All Children deserve to be safe and protected

Vulnerable, socially isolated families often don’t have anywhere for their children to stay in times of crisis. Children can be left in unsafe situations, increasing the risk of abuse and neglect. Together, along with the church, we support and encourage parents in distress. Our trained network of families provide a safe place for children so that parents are able to regroup and gain stability.

In addition to crisis care, Together for Good offers ongoing opportunities to come alongside isolated mothers. We build lasting relationships to ensure parents are supported, encouraged and loved. Demonstrating Christ’s love in meaningful ways, our goal is to ensure that vulnerable mothers and children should never walk alone

How do we help?

We understand how overwhelming life can be when there is no one to call during times of crisis and need. And we know all parents need supportive, caring relationships. Our team has collectively worked with vulnerable families for over 30 years, facilitating the hosting of up to 200 children in safe homes each year during times of family crisis.

We create pathways for the church to come alongside vulnerable children and families in Christ-centered ministry.