Lots of good articles, blogs, and photo galleries.

Article and video from FOX 21 (Duluth).

Pre-race article in Duluth News Tribune.

Post-race article in Duluth News Tribune.

Note from Geoffrey Archibald, who fell but finished.

Gallery from Burgess Eberhardt.

Blog post from Jill Martindale, a cyclist.  She was the 1st woman to finish and set a new record.

Blog post from Scott Kummer.

Blog post from Sveta Vold, a cyclist.

Post from Ashley Helco, a runner.

Note from Steve Sylvester, who gave us all a scare…

Blog post from Daniel Slater, a runner.

Gallery and pics for sale from Lori Dobbs.

Blog posts from Christopher Tassava, a cyclist – part I, part II, and part III.

Blog post from Todd Hunter, a cyclist.

Blog post from Jeff Rock, a runner.

Blog post from Jared VanderHook, a runner.

Blog post from Kari Anne Gibbons, a runner.

Blog post from Steve Cannon, a cyclist.

Article from Pamela Gonzalez, a cyclist.

Blog post from Pintz Guzld, er Paul Zeigle, a cyclist.

Blog post and gallery from Jason Johnson/GearJunkie.

Blog post from Lisa Paulos, a runner.

Blog post from Rachel Utecht, a runner.

Album from Thomas Woods, a cyclist:

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Album from Lora Woods (Thomas’ wife):

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Galleries from Jason Johnson (a bunch of galleries at this link).

Album of all finishers:

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